How I Can Help You Find Your Dream Home Virtually

How I Can Help You Find Your Dream Home Virtually

Have you ever wanted to explore real estate in a faraway place, but you didn’t want to make the time commitment to traveling? Imagine exploring exciting faraway places such as Koko Kai but from the comfort of your home. Today, this is perfectly feasible. Like other modern industries, real estate has moved largely to the internet, thanks to online listings, digital signatures, and other virtual resources. Of course, real property cannot exist entirely in cyberspace, but you can easily still find your dream home virtually. There’s no need to do anything in person — until you’re ready to live in your new home. Check out the following insights into the process of finding your next home without leaving your house.

Why search virtually?

The vast majority of modern real estate searches involve the internet at some point. A 2020 survey found that around 97% of home buyers searched online. This is because listings are easy to find and easy to search through using a variety of criteria such as price, geographic location, and other features. Plus, most for-sale homes are listed online since realtors know that that’s where people want to look for homes. Listings are meant to be easily viewable, readable, and shareable.

In addition to the fact that most of the available inventory can be viewed online, the entire process of a real estate transaction from start to finish can take place online. You can find a realtor, secure that realtor as your agent, browse home listings, and even handle the financial details from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Searching for homes virtually simplifies the process of finding a new property from a faraway area when you’re unable to travel. You can also search virtually if you’re simply too busy to search in person or if the idea of searching online feels more comfortable for you.

MLS listings

Today, almost all homes for sale are entered into shareable digital online listings through the Modern Listing Service (MLS). The MLS provides a consistent, standardized, and widely circulated format for realtors to view and exchange property listings. When you sit down to search through MLS listings, you can see homes for sale throughout the area in which you’re interested. Since MLS listings are shareable between realtors, you’re not limited to only looking at homes for sale from your agent’s clients. As your realtor, I can work with you to find diverse listings in any area that interests you.

Looking at listing photographs

When you look at beautiful high-definition listing photos of Koko Kai homes for sale, it will almost feel like you’re there. Thanks to the advancement of photographic technology, modern listing photographs can give you a thorough, vivid, and true-to-life view of homes for sale. Digital listings typically contain high-quality images showing the property’s interior and exterior from various angles, and there is often an illustrated floor plan as well.

Taking virtual tours

Some home sellers go one step further and create virtual tours of their homes, using digital video, digital photography, and cutting-edge technology to put together a coherent and lifelike experience of a home. By taking a virtual tour, you can have the experience of a private home walkthrough as many times as you’d like without leaving the comfort of your home.

Other online resources

As you use the resources at your disposal to search for homes virtually, you can also go online for information about areas that are of interest to you. You can use the resources on my website to learn about Koko Kai real estate, the real estate market more generally, and the process of buying a home. I’m ready as needed to explore for-sale properties with you and answer questions, and with modern technology, we can be looking at the same thing at the same time — but without being in the same place.

The next step: seeing it in person

Once you’ve found your dream home virtually, it’s time to see it in person, if you’d like, in order to get a better feel for the property and solidify your interest. I can arrange for you to see properties that interest you on a flexible basis, or we can work around it if you can’t make it in person. Remember, everything in a typical real estate transaction can be done online, whether as a buyer or a seller. As long as you’re sure of what you want, you won’t even have to leave home to get it. A home inspection professional can carry out an inspection for you without your physical presence, so you can have added reassurance that the property is sound.

Closing remotely

After you find your dream home and take care of all of the logistics virtually, you can also close on a home sale remotely. Some documents can be signed 100% remotely thanks to the E-Sign Act of 2000, which gave documents with digital signatures the same legal effect as ones signed in person. Where needed, documents can also be sent by mail. Once you’ve closed, the transaction is complete, and you can occupy the home on your own schedule. All logistical, financial, and legal aspects of purchasing your dream property can be completed virtually from wherever you are now.

Learn more about finding your dream home online

To learn more about how my clients fulfill their real estate dreams virtually, feel free to reach out at your leisure by phone or through my website. As an Oahu and Koko Kai real estate agent, I work with clients from all over the country who are interested in checking out luxury properties in Hawaii without having to travel. Check out my online portfolio, featuring some of the top Oahu and Koko Kai homes for sale, and be sure to read through some of the other helpful resources on my website. Enjoy the benefits of the premium, modern experience of searching for luxury real estate as we find your dream home together virtually.

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